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Being Ranked #1

Sometimes, it’s just important enough to be ranked. In the case of Kentuckiana Medical Center, they have been ranked #1 in two places: For Patient Safety in the Louisville, Kentucky, area (LINK), and Above the national average in Patient Experience (LINK) Crescent Moon Productions was asked to do something simple for them to announce this […]


The last six weeks have been crazy good for design

So, perhaps I’ve lost my mind. It seems that things have been busy in the design world. In my client and my design worlds, but it has not reflected on my website. That is a shame. Because if I had been great about updating my site, you would see the great projects I have been […]


Rainbow Dance Academy website relaunch

For this past Monday, I launched, the redesigned website for Rainbow Dance Academy in Southern Indiana. It is the dance school my girls of 10 and 5 attend. They love dance, and find it challenging and fun. The same was true for me in designing this site. It was challenging and fun. Challenging because […]