What Ironman means to me

So designing this logo for Ironman TEAM TOM means so much to me. Not only because I respect my friend, Tom, but also because Ironman Louisville is the best sporting event my family and I have ever attended. It is everything any sporting event should be.

Why? I have three reasons:

  1. It is a full day of spectator to athlete cheering and love
  2. The athletes could be practically anyone.
  3. Fans for Ironmen (and women) are the best fans in the world.
Let me explain a little further, (and then I really want your thoughts on the logo.)

It is a full day of spectator to athlete cheering and love.

Seriously, this day starts at 7 AM with the jump in the water, and ends into the evening for most of the athletes and their fans. The day begins with a swim in the Ohio River (for Ironman Louisville), then Biking out the LaGrange, Ky, and finally a 26.2 mile run through Louisville. Three great and grueling sports separately. Together, they make for an intense time of fans cheering on loved ones, friends, family, and strangers.

When my family goes out to cheer for the athletes, we start out by cheering for Tom, and some friends. By the end of the day, we’ve made dozens of friends, and are cheering for several athletes. It’s amazing, exhausting, and exhilarating.

The athletes could be practically anyone.

There are the professional Ironmen and Ironwomen. There are toned individuals who have trained for months for this one event. But there are also just regular Joes that love the challenge of this intense sporting day. Most of them have trained some. Some of them have not, and you see them passed out on the side of the road, or sometimes hear horror stories of their times.

But for the most part, everyone there has something to prove or overcome. There are teens that are there running for a cause, and there are elderly people running for themselves. From 18 to 80, these athletes cross the finish line, and the cheers for the professionals are nothing compared to those regular people who cross the line at 9 or 10 PM.

Fans for Ironmen (and women) are the best fans in the world.

These people we’ve met, and their stories, and why they are here cheering for loved ones, are sometimes more amazing than some of the athletes themselves. Not that we swim, bike or run the distances of these great athletes, but we love being out and cheering. We have a great purpose — to make sure our loved ones get across the finish line. We are there for a long day in the heat, yelling, jumping, and urging them on.


And after being a fan for 3 years going on 4 myself, I realize that even if Tom were not running, I’d try and find someone to cheer for at Ironman. I would attend the entire day as a fan or volunteer.

I would encourage you to attend an Ironman event in your area, if you can. It’s amazing.
So my goal in putting together this logo for TEAM TOM, is to capture all of these things: Energy, Fun, Love of the athletes, and just an energy about the day for my family’s friend Tom.

What do you think? Have I accomplished that?


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  1. Olivia August 12, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Awesome write-up, Jared! The logo looks great too! It reminds me of an avatar off of Wii haha. It’s simple, and we both know simple (most of the time) is always better. Another thing I really like about it is that it is bold. A lot of times people can get wrapped up in detail and then the overall picture/statement is lost. Not here though! It’s powerful, and it surely represents Tom! Awesome :)
    Your cuz, Olivia

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